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Trancoso: How to get there?

From the Porto Seguro Airport, by car or taxi

Trancoso is located at 20 km from Porto Seguro airport, when crossing the ferry boat from Porto Seguro to Arraial d Ajuda en taking the shortcut through a non-asphalted, mud road that leads to both Club Med and Terravista (12km after crossing the ferry) and then to Trancoso (16km after crossing the ferry).

Alternatively, one may take the asphalt road from the balsa to Trancoso. A 27km drive, that will lead to the north side entrance of the village of Trancoso. From there, you will need another 7 km to Terravista and Club Med.

From the Terravista Airport, by car or taxi

The Terravista Airport is located at 1 km from the Terravista condominium entrance, and 5 km from Trancoso by the non-asphalted mud road. The airport only receives private jets and smaller planes. Commercial airlines land at the Porto Seguro international airport.

Most important Condominiums and Residences


Terravista is considered among Latin America’s most exclusive tourist destinations. In an area located upon the red clay cliffs overlooking the sea below, it includes the Villavista Golf and Terravista Villa condominiums, a spectacular 18 holes golf course designed by the famous architect Dan Blankenship, a private airport and heliport, and music theatre (where just after Carnival each year the famous “Music in Trancoso” festival is being held.

villas in condominium Terravista and music theatre, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

It’s infrastructure is impeccable : 24/7 security, easy beach access to both the Taipé beach on the north side (descending the stairs from within the Villavista Golf condominium through the cliffs) as well as the Praia da Barra beach on the south-side (through an asphalted road within the Terravista Villas condominium), a tennis court, playground and many kilometres of hardened roads within a setting of unrivalled flora and fauna and beautiful landscaping.

Terravista Golf Course and tennis court, Trancoso, Brazil

Villavista Golf

The Villavista Golf Condominium consists of houses of between 500m² and 800m² on plots of around 2000m², all with inidividual swimming pools and the highest of luxury and confort level. All our Villas have TV, wireless internet, rooms with A/C and quality beds, bedlinnen and towels included as well as daily service from maid, cook and maintenance for the pool & garden.

Terravista entrance and Golf Course, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Terravista Villas

Golf course in condominium Terravista, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

The Terravista Villas Condominium consists of 3 standard type of houses: small 2/3 bedroom villas, intermediary 3 bedroom villas and larger 4 bedroom villas with sea- and golf views and a small individual pool. Terravista Villas Pool, Condominuim in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil All the houses in Terravista Villas make use of a common pool with sea view, Olympic swimming lane, Jacuzzis, lounge area with beds and chairs, and showers. All villas have quality decoration and are adequately equipped, and are provided with services included.

houses in Terravista villas, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

The beaches in front of Terravista

Taipé beach is accessible by foot (9 minutes descending, 12 minutes ascending) through a staircase that descends the red cliffs upon which the houses are located to the beach below. The beach structure includes beds, towels, showers, bar and restaurant and is divided with the neighbor resort Club Mediterranée.

Trancoso beaches, Bahia, Brazil

Rio da Barra beach is accessible by foot (8 minutes) or golf cart (3 minutes) through a paved road within the Terravista Villas condominium, leading through the Txai Resort (currently under construction) to the Rio da Barra restaurant that is leased by Terravista, and offers beds, shower, and an independently-run top class restaurant.

Trancoso and terravista beaches, Bahia, Brazil

Both beaches are also reachable by car through a 2 minute drive, when one exits the condominium and circumventing the cliffs from the outside.

The Club Med Resort

The Club Mediterrannée Resort is accessible from within the Villavista Golf and Terravista Villa Condominiums (either by foot, by golf cart or by car). It has special tariffs on all it’s services for Terravista Home Owners or Exclusive Realty rental guest: a discount of 50% applies on day-use, night-use, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fitness, tennis courts and beauty saloon also have special tariffs. Kindly ask our Concierge for more details.

The Terravista Golf Course

The 18 holes course, designed by Dan Blankenship is referred to as Brazil’s “Pebble Beach” and generally considered Latina America’s most challenging and most spectacular. The first 9 holes lead you through the marvels of the atlantic rainforest, and the last 9 holes will give you spectacular views and challenges alongside the cliffs above the ocean.

Trancoso Terravista Golf course

The 14th hole is Terravista’s postcard and requires an accurate shot over the cliffs onto a small descending green, from where the turtles can be spotted in the sea below.

Terravista Golf course in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Terravista Airport

Terravista Airport in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

In order to inform pricing, we kindly ask to provide information regarding the aircraft type.

Please find below the technical information about Terravista Airport:

- ICAO Identifier SBTV

- Terravista Radio Station Frequency (AFIS): 131.4 VHF

- All operation must be authorized by the airport administarion

- Landings in Terravista must be coordinated by Terravista Radio: airport operates VFR only

- Fligh Plan for take off from Terravista must be filled at AIS Terravista

- Plano de Vôo para decolagem da Terravista precisa ser preenchida na AIS Terravista

- Geographic Coordinates

Runway 15 - LAT 16° 32' 13,6210'' S / 39° 06' 48,6296'' W *

Runway 33 - LAT 16° 32' 44,1940'' S / 39° 06' 09,1740'' W *


- Runway:

Dimension: 1.500 m x 30m (4,921 ft x 98 ft)

PCN - Pavement Classification Number 23/F/A/Y/T *

* F-Flexible Pavement / A-High Subgrade Strenght Category / Y-Maximun Allowed Tire Pressure 1,0 MPa / T-Technical Strenght Evaluation Method

Pavement: ASPH - Asphalt

* Remark: the aircraft parking area is PCN 16

Runway Direction 15/33

Airport Altitude: 53 m (174 ft)

- Fuel: JET A1 and AVGAS

- Operational Condition - Day and Night VFR

- PAPI - RWY 15 - Angle 2.99

- Forbiden operation of aircraft without radio communication

- Traffic by SW sector is mandatory

Kindly contact our Concierge to plan your flights and other details.

Trancoso Centre

Near Trancoso’s famous Quadrado, our Villas are stand-alone with individual infrastructure (pool, garden, parking). All are walking distance from both the Square and the Nativos beach.

famous quadrado and centre of Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil


Trancoso’s most famous beach is arguably also one of it’s most beautiful, as the water is clear blue most of the time and the riffs provide for both natural pools as well as waves for surfers and watersport lovers. It is here, that the billionaires and millionaires have their large estates so they may enjoy the lush nature and get away from it all in their secluded paradise.

Itapororoca Beach in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

All our Villas have individual infrastructure like pools, gardens, bungalows and parking space.

The Altos de Itapororca Condominium lies some 6km south of Trancoso’s city centre and is reachable by car through a bumby ride on an unpaved road. It lies on the cliffs overlooking the Itapororoca beach within small walking distance to common beach entrance, while some homes have a private beach structure.

Seaview from Altos de Itapororoca in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Condominium dos Artistas

This small beachfront Condominium hosts 11 homes of between 500m² and 700m² constructed area on 2000m2 plots. All the houses have individual pools and there is a large common pool with Olympic lane just behind the access to the beach. 24/7 security and internal mobility through golf carts.

Condomínio dos Artistas in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Pedro Grande e Vale do Segredo

house in vale do Segredo, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

At 1 .5 km from the entrance of Terravista Villas and 2.5 km from Trancoso lay the condominiums of Pedro Grande and Vale do Segredo, both on the hillside with views over the sea. They are gated communities with individual houses. At Vale do Segredo, the homes share a common pool and at Pedro Grande the homes are larger and have individual pools.