Great Real Estate Investments in Bahia – Brazil

Being close to nature is a privilege and desire of all people. The tranquility of almost deserted beaches stimulate visionary minds to undertake large projects.

At Condominium Terravista, Trancoso – Bahia, tourists from around the world have fun or relax in the most beautiful rental homes with lush landscapes around them.  Besides the opportunity to know the no. 1 Golf  Course in the country, located in the condominium and maintained with great pride by the businesspersons who believe in the region.

The Way to The Sea - Condominium Terravista

The Way to The Sea – Condominium Terravista

At Outeiro das Brisas, another great investment project – near by the beautiful Club do Outeiro, we have charming bungalows, close to Praia do Espelho, in an area of environmental preservation, between the towns of Trancoso and Caraíva

Other major real estate projects are underway, for leisure or investment in Bahia – Brazil.

Bahia Estate is world heritage, and we count on these projects to add value to the region and bring prosperity to the local people.  As well as having national and international tourists never forgetting the best moments of their holidays in Brazil.