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Rental Holiday Homes for Beach Weddings

Celebrating life and tying the knot for those in love. Nothing just like a wedding ceremony by the beach to bring together family and beloved friends.

Some of our holiday homes for rental have the infrastructure for events and celebrations, by the sound of the sea waves and a great Dj, off course!

Pitinga Beach, Arraial d’Ajuda - space available for weddings and events in general

Pitinga Beach, Arraial d’Ajuda – space available for weddings and events in general

With cinematographic landscapes e magnificent houses for guest’s accommodation, Exclusive Realty Rentals has the privilege to gather the greatest options of beachfront homes for rentals in Bahia, Brazil.

Trancoso became the most celebrated beachfront town, with international reputation, and the favorite destination to treasure memories of fantastic holidays.

Check our listings of Beachfront  villas in Trancoso.

Villas in Trancoso (Bahia, Brazil): The Rustic Chic Style

Rustic Chic Style Trancoso - Bahia - Brazil.

Rustic Chic Style Trancoso – Bahia – Brazil.

Rustic chic has been a way of life and inspiration for interior design and architecture acclaimed by all, and omnipresent in the town of Trancoso – Bahia – Brazil.

Trancoso, a modest fishing village has become a major trend and a destination to artists and jet-setters looking for rustic accommodation and practically deserted beaches. A gateway for unforgettable holidays.

Exclusive Realty Rentals offers villas and beach houses for rental in Brazil with a special touch and a charming atmosphere, following the rustic chic house profile.

The intention is to preserve the essence of the place, yet offering villas with technology and comfort needed for total relaxation. As a lifestyle, the place offers a blend of nature with the most refined taste, with striking and sophisticated house design.

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Tropical Paradise

Seeking a tropical paradise, the feeling of standing on the sand, amazing sea views. Certainly the beaches of Bahia are the most wanted in Brazil.
Considered the cradle of history and culture of the country, the Discovery Coast was declared a World Natural Heritage by Unesco in 1999. This part of Bahia offers paradisiacal options for unforgettable holidays.
Faced with so much natural beauty and a unique lifestyle, in the Trancoso area, by the sea cliffs or standing on the sand, the landscapes are always stunning and the most desired destination at the moment.
With exclusive villas and beautiful beach houses we have the privilege of receiving each one of our guests a unique way. Offering differentiated services and making every instant memorable.

Fabulous views of Rio da Barra, next to Condominium Terravista, Trancoso - Bahia

Fabulous view of Rio da Barra, next to Condominium Terravista, Trancoso – Bahia


Terravista – Villavista Golf – Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

For golf and nature lovers, The Condominium Villavista Golf is located between the wild beaches Taípe and Rio da Barra Trancoso – renowned for its lush natural beauty.

The golf course with 18 holes is considered the no. 1, among so many beautiful courses in Brazil.

At Villavista Golf, you will find comfort and privacy in luxurious holiday homes for rental. Sophisticated and integrated with the environment they are located at just 3km from Trancoso and 12 km from Arraial D’Ajuda, with private access to the beach and airport for private jets.

Campo de Golfe - Condomínio Terravista

Villavista Golf  – Terravista

Outeiro das Brisas

Outeiro das Brisas is a real estate development in one of the most spectacular scenery in the South of Bahia.

Check our Luxury Villas and houses to rent in the region.

Outeiro das Brisas

Outeiro das Brisas